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CalmRain Sensory Swing Pink

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  • HAPPY KIDS, HAPPY PARENTS: Our cuddle sensory swing offers kids more than just fun. Swinging promotes a healthy vestibular system, helping kids move through the world safely and with confidence. CalmRain Soft Hammocks support kids with low muscle tone, helping them build core strength.


  • SENSORY SWING HAMMOCK: Are made of double layered fabric fully reversible and washable. Includes heavy duty 360 swirl hanger suitable for wood/concrete with instruction booklet, super easy to install, heavy duty carabiner, pre attached daisy chain with multiple loops so the height can be adjusted plus a handy carry bag to make it easy to carry around.


  • COMPRESSION SWING FOR KIDS: Is the perfect swing if your child loves big hugs, crawling into small spaces, and tight clothes. The stretchy fabric envelops the child so that they are able to swing in it. The maximum span of the fabric is 35″x59″. It is made of Breathable Cotton + Spandex fabric to allow it to stretch and stand up to repeated use. Safe for child up to 200Lbs. The ideal ceiling height for the indoor fabric swing is 6-9 ft.


  • THERAPY SWING: Is even more powerful for kids with sensory needs, SPD, ADHD, or Autism because it directly works to improve sensory processing. As a result, it can help kids calm down or get the sensations they’re craving. Sensory swings are a powerful tool to support and encourage any child’s development. It’s a great gift for various celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter and graduation.



  • The swing is said to be sensory because it stimulates the vestibular system as soon as one sits on it.
  • CalmRain Soft Hammocks support kids with low muscle tone, helping them build core strength.
  • The double-layer fabric is cozy and stretchy.
  • In no time your child will learn to pull the fabric to stretch it down so that they can crawl right into it!
  • Some kids might initially feel unsure while climbing into a stretchy swing that doesn’t have a firm bottom.
  • It is easy to get in and out, which ensure more fun & relaxation.
  • Your child can stand, sit or lay down in this swing to bounce, sway, or be pushed back and forth.
  • It gives kids a place to retreat and escape bright lights or other overwhelming stimuli in the environment.
  • Multiple ways to enjoy using it for swinging, reading, gymnastic flips & twirls, spinning, suspending or just have a quiet time.
  • Children must always play under adult supervision.
  • To prevent injury, please use the swing one person at a time.
  • It is recommended to wear socks during use.
  • The handy carry bag is perfect for travel and storage.
  • Suitable size for most elementary aged kids as well as adults.
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